Thursday, April 3, 2008

British Muslims planned to blow up 7 planes

This is why you can't carry a bottle of water onto an airplane anymore.

"It would have caused a civilian death toll on an 'almost unprecedented scale' and a 'global impact'."

They planned to do it in the name of Islam -- yet peaceful Muslims have made little outcry to disavow Muslims of this hateful, homicidal theology that the peaceful Muslims say they reject. What's worse, law enforcement and governments ignore that the terrorists planned all this in the name of Islam due to the hate spewed in many of the world's mosques.

It must be noted at this point that some American mosques are a different caliber than most overseas mosques. Some have worked with the FBI to ferret out terrorists and terrorist wannabes in their midst, while others have been raided by the FBI. ( link link )

As we've said before: God doesn't kill people. People who believe in God kill people.

From the Daily Mail:
A British terror gang plotted to use liquid explosives to blow up transatlantic passenger jets in mid-flight, a court heard today.

Eight men planned to smuggle bombs disguised as soft drinks on to flights from Heathrow to the United States and Canada and detonate them on board, Woolwich crown court was told.

It would have caused a civilian death toll on an "almost unprecedented scale" and a "global impact".

The gang allegedly targeted seven flights operated by Air Canada, United Airlines and American Airlines. [...]

Peter Wright QC, prosecuting, said they had planned, "all in the name of Islam", to carry out a "series of coordinated and deadly explosions" and were "indifferent to the carnage" that would have been caused. [...]

"At the very least" seven planes would have been targeted, Mr Wright said.

The jury heard that the gang planned to smuggle components of the homemade bombs on to the flights as "innocuous hand luggage".

The court heard the bombers intended to use hydrogen peroxide and mix it with a product called Tang, used in soft drinks, to turn it into an explosive.

They intended to carry it on board disguised as 500ml bottles of Oasis or Lucozade by using food dye to recreate the drinks' distinctive colour.

The detonator would have been disguised as AA 1.5 batteries. The contents of the batteries would have been removed and an electric element such as a light bulb or wiring would have been inserted.

A disposable camera would have provided a power source.

"These items would have the capability of being detonated with devastating consequences," said Mr Wright....

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