Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vatican Lists Additional Sins. Commits Several During Press Conference.

The Vatican has announced Seven New Mortal Sins to add to all the other things that should make you feel guilty and ashamed. (NPR Article)

This is just another example of the hypocrisy of the Church, and all atheists should stand up and laugh at them in unison, preferably with some pointing and hooting thrown in for good measure. These men are worried about people slacking on recycling when their own parishes have had to pay out (by some accounts) half a billion dollars because their all-male priest caste diddles little boys?

You know, I made that sound funny. It’s not. The Catholic priesthood is rife with pedophiles who sexually abuse children. Pedophilia is not about sex, any more than rape is about sex. It’s about power and an aberrant and evil psychopathy that refuses to understand why children should not enjoy being raped.

The New Mortal Sins

1.) genetic modification

2.) carrying out experiments on humans

3.) polluting the environment

4.) causing social injustice

5.) causing poverty

6.) becoming obscenely wealthy

7.) taking drugs

And as for “becoming obscenely wealthy,” let us not forget that the Catholic Church is the world’s second largest land owner (passed about a decade ago by McDonald’s.) The Vatican is the world’s largest repository of wealth and art. They’re obscenely rich, while they wheedle money out of impoverished superstitious folk who believe their impossible snake-oil promises. Thus, the Church committed #5 and #6 a thousand times over during the press conference.

As for pollution, do we really believe that the Vatican gives a hoot what its "carbon footprint" is, so long as people give them money?

The most obvious sin that the Church committed is that religion as mind control is the most terrible experiment ever visited upon humanity, not to mention uncontrolled population growth and refusing to condone condom use to reduce the transmission of HIV. That's a truly heinous experiment: to determine whether the poor believers die of HIV faster than they can reproduce due to unprotected sex.

TK Kenyon
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